Every woman is a born queen. And just like her unique beauty, subtle power and natural charm, it’s only fitting that her feminine figure is adorned in special garments that speak volumes about her inherent regality, personal style and mesmerising spirit.

At Zamaan, we inspire women to celebrate their individuality and aim to revolutionise fusion wear with our unique take on fashion-forward couture.

Chief Creative Director and Founder, Fatima Wadee conjured the name ‘Zamaan’ as a mash-up of her daughters’ names; Zahreen and Imaan. Zamaan - meaning "Life" - takes its inspiration from the world and fuses multiple diverse and exotic styles to bring timeless collections of bespoke kimonos and turbans that epitomise cross-cultural expression through the playful use of unusual design, colour palettes and intricate embellishments.

Symbolised by the tree of life, our roots are authentically proudly South African yet our branches expand globally to reach women of all shapes, ages and cultural backgrounds. Draped with cosmopolitan ingenuity, exclusive Zamaan pieces are multifunctional and easy to wear on all occasions. Our glamorous kimonos can be styled up as evening wear for a formal event, or elegantly dressed down for a casual lunch with the girls, and even worn as a classy cover-up while sipping mocktails by the pool.

Zamaan garments have a global aesthetic and are of the highest quality. Designed solely in South Africa, our products are then crafted using high-quality materials hand sourced from renowned textile-manufacturing countries globally. Our talented team of creative minds, fabric buyers and meticulous tailors boast an eye for detail and consider every aspect of our customers’ lifestyles to produce luxury items that are both versatile and exquisite.

Our vision is to create a sophisticated fusion fashion that empowers women globally by making them feel fabulous no matter their age or ethnicity. We also aim to empower and support small businesses, aid in job creation, as well as support and contribute towards the South African economy through collaboration at an international level.

Elite fashion for the modern-thinking woman, Zamaan isn't just a clothing line, it's a style movement.

LIVE, LOVE, ZAMAAN............