About me.......

my name is Fatima and one thing you need to know about me is I need to feel challenged to feel alive!

I find myself on lockdown & craving the need to feel some form of mental challenge. I used to think of myself as a scatter brain always trying to master different things....but as I am growing up I have changed the narrative into..... “this is me , I am not a scatterbrain, I just genuinely love learning & exploring new skills..... sometimes they change the course of my life , but most times it affords me the opportunity to learn so much about my strengths and weaknesses. Once the challenge is gone I tend to move rather quickly to the next chapter.”  And you know what ..... I genuinely love that about myself. It what make me , ME !

Hence I started this blogpost that will focus on fashion , lifestyle & everything in between 😉 .

Please feel free to share what makes you , YOU!

Welcome to my blog. 


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